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Company Profile

Founded in 1992, Performance Powder Inc. has many years of experience in industrial grade powder coatings.

We specialize in fast turnaround while maintaining high quality. This is achieved by utilizing proven production techniques in conjunction with trained quality control personnel. We are constantly evaluating different methods to improve our lead time and ensure we operate as an extension of your business.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our capabilities. You can also navigate to our services page to find an overview of what we offer.

Performance Powder is located at 2920 East La Jolla Street Anaheim, California 92806. To view a map or phone number, head over to our contact page.

Previous Coatings

  • Fencing

    We can coat many types of iron fencing to enhance and beautify outdoor spaces while ensuring a long lasting and durable finish. We also can coat gates and other types of fencing on our conveyor.

  • Architectural

    Many types of metal structures can be powder coated to protect and ensure quality to areas of high visibility. Powder coating can help reduce the rate of corrosion and save on maintenance costs.